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FASD Student contract template
This is a fill-able template, useful for providing schools with extra information about your child's disability, particularly if they are asking your child to perform activities or skills outside their range of abilities
FASD Diagnosis and stigma
A brief youtube video highlighting the value of diagnosis despite concerns about stigmatising parents and young people with FASD
Why people with FASD all present so differently
A brief youtube video discussing why prenatal alcohol exposure impacts differently on individuals with FASD
"Explained by Brain!"
FASD related resources
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A brief youtube video from FASD Hub explaining what it's all about!
Managing Behavioural Symptoms of FASD
This is summary of brain-based approaches to managing the behavioural symptoms of FASD. A resource suitable for parents, carers, teachers and other professionals. It provides a responsive and flexible framework and offers both reactive and proactive strategies to help people with FASD achieve success.
Insight QLD
This is an 1hr PD done in Brisbane (15/5/19) for Alcohol and other Drugs workers on working with individuals with FASD and their families.