Please note: The Explained By Brain videos are for educational purposes only and are not intended to to replace individualised professional advice. All references for video materials can be found in Explained by Brain: The FASD workbook for parents, carers and educators by Dr Vanessa Spiller. Video access is provided via a streaming platform for 12 months from the time of original purchase. Video downloading is not available.
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Dr Vanessa Spiller is a clinical psychologist, FASD educator, author of Explained by Brain: The FASD workbook for parents, carers and educators, and parent to a young adult with FASD. She blends 20 years of clinical work with lived experiences to deliver practical frameworks and strategies to help young people and their families achieve success. The "Explained by Brain" approach utilises well researched frameworks to provide parents, carers and educators with the tools they need to better understand and support young people with FASD.
What do the video's cover?

This training covers the key issues impacting on young people with FASD and their parents and carers! 
We do not shy away from any of the tough topics!! 
Designed to accompany the book: "Explained by Brain: The FASD workbook for parents, carers and educators (who have tried everything or don't know where to start!)"

Suitable for parents, carers, support workers, teachers, justice staff and allied health staff working or supporting with individuals with FASD.
Video series includes:

*Information about specific brain areas effected by prenatal alcohol exposure and how that converts 
into behavioural symptoms not behaviours!
*Research-driven strategies and interventions to help with behavioural symptoms such as meltdowns, aggression, stealing, confabulation (lying), impulsiveness, perseveration and more
*Introduction to the Explained by Brain approach
*How FASD impacts on parents, carers and others  
*How to communicate effectively with others about FASD 
*Accessing supports for a young person with FASD
*Ways of increasing a young person's chances of success at home, at school, in the community and in life!!

The on-line educational video series that focuses on interventions and strategies  for young people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)
Introductory Video - FASD and Understanding and applying Explained by Brain 
Length: 2 hrs 35 mins  Cost: $59.99 AUD + GST
This video provides an overview of FASD, diagnosis, the brain domains impacted by prenatal alcohol exposure as well as the foundations of the Explained by Brain approach. Explained by Brain blends the best of brain-based research, with practical day-to-day examples of how to provide strategies for success for people with FASD
17 hrs,
11 FASD specific videos
Watch as many times as you like for 12 months

Presentation Notes
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​Explained by Brain - Video 1 
Adaptive Functioning, Understanding and managing aggression + Problem-solving!
Length: 2 hrs 13 mins  Cost: $59.99 AUD + GST
  • Adaptive Functioning - The skills of everyday life including Social Skills
  • Understanding and managing aggression - verbal and physical aggression
  • Meltdowns, defiance and oppositionality
  • Problem-solving behavioural symptoms
Explained by Brain - Video 2
Executive Functioning, Brain structures, Stealing + Relationships
Length: 1 hr 18 mins  Cost: $29.99 AUD + GST
  • Executive Functioning - The organisation centre of the brain, understanding cause and effect, impulsivity and flexibility
  • The impact of prenatal alcohol exposure on developing brain structures
  • Understanding and managing stealing 
  • Building stronger relationships with your child​
Explained by Brain - Video 3
Understanding IQ, Dealing with confabulation and Advocacy!
Length: 1 hr 23 mins  Cost: $29.99 AUD + GST
  • Cognition - including IQ and intellectual disability
  • Understanding and managing confabulation (Lying)
  • Picking your battles (and which ones to let go!)
  • Advocating for your child with FASD
Explained by Brain - Video 4
Mental health issues, Emotional regulation, Suicide + Therapy!
Length: 1 hr 30 mins  Cost: $29.99 AUD + GST
  • Affect, emotional regulation and common mental health issues 
  • Understanding and supporting those with serious mental health issues including suicide and self-harm 
  • Working with multiple services
  • Therapy for those with FASD
Explained by Brain - Video 5
Attention issues, sexualised behaviours + communicating about FASD
Length: 1 hr 36 mins  Cost: $29.99 AUD + GST
  • Attention issues in young people with FASD (ADHD)
  • Understanding and managing sexualised behavioural symptoms
  • Communicating with other about FASD 

Explained by Brain - Video 6
Motor skills, Sensory issues + getting stuck!!
Length: 1 hr 26 mins  Cost: $29.99 AUD + GST
  • Fine and Gross motor skills
  • Common sensory issues in FASD
  • Understanding and managing perseveration i.e., getting stuck!
  • How can I tell the difference between "Behaviours versus disability??!!" and do I need to?
Explained by Brain - Video 7
Memory, Sleep, + Self-care or Carers
Length: 1 hr 30 min  Cost: $29.99 AUD + GST
  • The flow on effects of memory issues
  • Managing sleep difficulties
  • Caring for Carers - self-care, seeking supports and finding your tribe!

Explained by Brain - Video 8
Language, Transitions + Grief and loss
Length: 1 hr 15 mins  Cost: $29.99 AUD + GST
  • The importance of language and patterns of impact in FASD
  • Understanding why transition times are so hard and how to manage them 
  • Grief and loss for carers

Explained by Brain - Video 9
Academic skills, Working with school + Medication
Length: 1 hr 7 mins  Cost: $29.99 AUD + GST
  • Academic Performance
  • Working with schools
  • The role of medication 

Explained by Brain - Video 10
FASD & Trauma, Building on Strengths and Supporting for success
Length: 1 hr 6 mins  Cost: $29.99 AUD + GST
  • Supporting people with FASD & trauma
  • Building on Strengths
  • Planning for the future 
  • Re-defining success for a child with FASD

Explained by Brain: Full Video Package!
All video's, all topics + Presentation notes 
+ Quiz 
+ Certificate
Cost: $350 AUD + GST
Explained by Brain 
The Video Series