With every purchase of Explained by Brain - The FASD Workbook for Parents, Carers and Educators you also receive a copy of the the Explained by Brain - Reflection and Resources Booklet. This provides you with a condensed copy of all the Explained by Brain - Self-reflection activities and resources, making it easy to print out and complete as you work your way through the workbook.
89 pages
For those who just want the basics! 
The Explained by Brain - Big Book of Strategies focuses exclusively on interventions, strategies, tip sheets and other Explained by Brain resources without all the background materials. The Explained by Brain - Big Book of Strategies includes:

* Tip sheets for each of the brain areas 
affected in FASD
* Key modification areas 
* Information and Strategies for each of the 
brain areas impacted in FASD
*Behavioural symptom strategies and 
interventions e.g. for confabulation, 
stealing, sexualised behaviours etc
*Skills and Ability summaries
*Explained by Brain resources

Please note: If you already purchased the Parent, Carer and Educator Workbook, this resource DOES NOT include additional resources!
99 pages
Explained by Brain - The FASD Workbook for Parents, Carers & Educators + Explained by Brain - Reflections & Resources Booklet

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Explained by Brain: 
Big Book of Strategies
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Need additional copies of the Explained by Brain - Reflections & Resources Booklet for extra kids?

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Available only in PDF Digital Download
Available only in PDF Digital Download

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Dr Vanessa Spiller is a clinical psychologist, FASD educator, author of Explained by Brain: The FASD workbook for parents, carers and educators, and parent to a young adult with FASD. She blends 20 years of clinical work with lived experiences to deliver practical frameworks and strategies to help young people and their families achieve success. The "Explained by Brain" approach utilises well researched frameworks to provide parents, carers and educators with the tools they need to better understand and support young people with FASD.
Explained by Brain! The FASD workbook especially designed for Parents, Carers and Educators by a parent and clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience with FASD.

The Explained by Brain Workbook includes:
  • Real world stories with real world strategies!
  • Vital information about how brains are affected by prenatal alcohol exposure 
  • Explanations about how and why brain injury translates into frustrating but predictable behavioural symptoms
  • Parenting approaches and school-based strategies that work for young people with FASD (and those that don't)
  • Opportunities for self-reflection and applications to your child
  • Overviews of 11 brain areas affected by alcohol exposure 
  • 100+ Parenting and intervention strategies!!
  • How to better understand and manage common behavioural symptoms of FASD such as meltdowns, verbal and physical aggression, stealing, lying (confabulation), sexualised behaviours and more!
  • Learn ways of understanding and managing complex behavioural symptoms
  • Strategies for building on strengths and talents
​214 pages