A Workshop with 
Dr Vanessa Spiller - Clinical Psychologist
Tracy Jemmott - Yoga and Meditation teacher
Many of us have excellent skills in going fast! We are great at being busy, strong, multitasking, and filling up 24 hrs of each day with activity. We practise these skills multiple times each and every day. We often say we don't have time to slow down, to relax and yet many of us find it almost impossible to do this even when we want to. When life insists we slow down e.g., through injury, illness or ageing, life gets very challenging!  

Learning how to slow down, relax, calm racing thoughts and cultivate self-awareness doesn't "just happen", it is a skill that is often underdeveloped in the modern world and in modern lives. The good news is, that just like skills in fast, skills in slow can be learned. This is the focus of the "Skills in Slow" workshop - specifically designed for people who find slow difficult, if not impossible!
Vanessa Believe it or not skills in slow are an essential part of being maximally efficient and effective in the world! Developing skills in slow will help you achieve more in all parts of your life and keep you doing the things you value longer! In developing these skills it is important to understand why skills in slow are needed, how they can enhance our lives and what our personal barriers to developing these are. Learning skills to tolerate helpful discomfort (very common in going slow) and recognising the value of practicing the things we are not good at are all key components of learning skills in slow for people who are great at going fast!
Tracy - We are able to encourage peace and calm once we create the space and time to allow ourselves to go a little slower. We will learn some simple breathing techniques and investigate how to “sit”. Being still can be somewhat intimidating and the mind often reaches outwards for distraction and we will explore some yogic philosophy to support us in this endeavour. Simple and restorative postures are very quiet yet so powerful and and they are a very effective way to access the inner workings of the mind and discover where the body is holding stress. From there we get a realistic starting point and we are able then to work towards creating steadiness. 
Skills in Slow is a 3 hr workshop specifically designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of slowing down and reconnecting.  
The workshop will have theory and practice components. 
Topics covered in this workshop will include:

Why we need skills in slow

How skills in slow can increase our efficiency and productivity and overall wellbeing

Barriers to developing skills in slow and exploring the challenges encountered when we begin to slow down 

How to make time to incorporate the “slow” into everyday life

Techniques and practices that can improve your skills in slow (with practise)
 You don't need any particular physical skills and you don't need any experience in yoga or meditation to participate in the workshop but you do need to be able to sit comfortably on the floor (on a yoga mat or cushion) through much of the workshop. All mats and props will be supplied.
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Skills in Slow work please send an email to [email protected] with your name, email and phone number. 
The next workshop will be held in late 2020